My favorite tattoo, because tigers are my favorite animal. In many Asian cultures, tigers are considered guardian spirits and protectors, and are carved and painted into many temples and tombs to ward off evil spirits. Tigers are also the apex predators of every environment they are naturally found in.

This particular tattoo took only about an hour and a half to complete.

These matching ankle tattoos were my 3-year anniversary gift to Stephanie : )  They're the 16-bit sprites used for Link and Zelda (from A Link to the Past and The Minish Cap, respectively). (And yes, I did retouch the coloring on the Link sprite a bit before handing it over to the artist, to bring it more in line with modern interpretations of the character.)

This one is almost kind of a pun, of sorts. I didn't want a plain Batman tattoo, and " انهض " is Arabic for "rise" (though it has other, similar meanings, such as "get up" or "awaken").

Fun fact: this word is not pronounced "deshi basara", the chant from the film, because the translation given in the film is actually incorrect. "Deshi basara" is more closely translated to "s/he is coming soon", rather than "rise".

Ralph and Helen were my grandparents on my father's side. My grandmother, who was originally from Germany, passed away from cancer when I was in seventh grade; my grandfather, who took a great interest in all aspects of German culture, passed away in 2013.

These were my first tattoos. "Procinctu" means "ready to fight" (or more literally, "ready for battle"), while "Destinatus" means "determined" or "resolute".

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