I'm a Millennial by age, an engineer by trade, a thinker by nature, and a writer/metalhead/car guy/JustReadTheInterestsPage by hobby. In 2010, I received a degree in Engineering Technology from Oklahoma State University; now I live in Oklahoma City, and I work for the Air Force. I grew up poor, but I'm doing alright for myself now.

I'm a voracious reader - but more magazines than books, by a pretty wide margin. And I get along pretty well with most people, aside from right-wing conservatives, misandrists, and religious fundamentalists.

I love literally almost all music, but metal is my favorite because it's so cathartic and powerful. Not the ugly, bleak, amelodic kind of metal, but the symphonic, powerful, uplifting kind of metal. I also love electronica/techno, classic rock, orchestral/classical, jazz, and blues. Really, the only genres I don't like are country, pop, and rap/hip-hop.

And I've been blogging since 2004.