Tuesday, December 19, 2017

For Who I Cannot Help But Be

The page for the talk.
The page for the relevant TED Radio interview.

An excerpt from the interview:
RAZ: So as you were writing this stuff and you were watching the responses, what were you hoping to learn?

WILSON: I was trying to see if there was a true academic basis for what they were saying. I wanted to give it a for-real college try, man. Is there something behind all of this that I'm not seeing? Is the way that I'm perceiving the world off? What are the data points that I'm losing here?

[...] And I'm going to tell you what else led to the momentum of the alt-right - the left wing's wholesale demonization of everything white and male.

One thing kept screaming at me through the subtext of those arguments, and that was, why should I be hated for who I cannot help but be? Now, was a black man in America, that resonated with me. I've spent so much time defending myself against attempts to demonize me and make me apologize for who I am, trying to portray me as something that I'm not, some kind of thug or gangster or menace to society. Unexpected compassion - wow.

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