Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Las Vegas

I didn't write about the massacre at the time because I was buried under other work. On the other hand, I wouldn't be anything about mass shootings in America that hasn't already been written a dozen times over.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Birthday 2017!

I hit Level 31 this year :p

Like usual, I split my partying up across two weekends. The week before my birthday I had a ton of friends over – I grilled steak and chicken, and then diced it to go on a taco buffet. Steph made lots of boozy desserts to go with them. We drank and played a bunch of different card games and Jackbox games, and it was awesome. It was so much fun that we might just duplicate the formula for our upcoming Halloween party at the end of October : )

On the weekend of my birthday itself, I had my parents and sister down. My mom made her sugar-free raspberry bars (which are GODDAMNED LEGENDARY), and Steph made her Guinness cupcakes (or to be more precise, her Guinness + Bailey's Irish Cream + Jameson Whiskey cupcakes, which are OBSCENELY GOOD in their own right). This time for dinner, I went crazy and came up with an idea that combined some of my favorite foods: we bought gyro meat and tzatziki sauce from a local Greek restaurant, and I grilled up some hot links and onions. Then we made three pizza crusts – one was turned into a Greek pizza with gyro meat and toppings, one was turned into a barbecue pizza with grilled hot links and onions and Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey pulled chicken, and the last was a normal pepperoni/jalapeno/onion/olive pizza. All three pizzas turned out amazing, but the Greek pizza especially was seriously NEXT LEVEL stuff. I can't wait to have it again. After stuffing ourselves, we played games and watched The Sting, my second-favorite movie ever.

As far as gifts go, my friends Michelle and Ryan got me some Maker's Mark bourbon, my sister got me a pomegranate wine-a-rita mix and the wine to go with it, my parents got me a new party game (Say Anything) and a new atomic-radio-signal wall clock, and Steph got me a new version of Timelines the game, some new padded shorts to make riding my new bike more comfortable, a Forstner bit set (YAY!!), and a few other things.

In all, it was an awesome birthday : )

Now bring on the Halloween party!